Why can't I train anymore?

  • Why can't I train anymore? Shawn

    I trained up my detection skill to level one, I'm now trying to train it up again both from the same guy but for some reason he won't let me train anymore. It says that its for levels 0-3 and my skill is only level 1. How can I fix this so I can train again?

  • You can only use each trainer once, refer to this question for all of your skill related needs.

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  • I found that once I hit 'Master' status with my restoration spells it was easier to just fork out gold and train it up 5 times with each time that I leveled. I know for certain that I'd done this with two of my character levels (ie - I'd go to the restoration trainer and train my restoration skill 5 times - the max). Anyway, so I hit level 90 in restoration, and I wanted to be sure that I'd trained it up 5 times before I leveled my character again, so I went to the master restoration trainer (I forget her name) in Whiterun. But for some reason she didn't have the chat option visible to let me

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  • I'm currently playing a character worshiping Sif Muna, and need invocations to help boost my channel energy ability. However, when I go to the skill menu invocations is not an available option to select for training. I'm using manual skill allocation, playing Stone Soup v. 0.12.1, and have the ability to use channel energy. How can I train invocations?

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