Car stops in Modern Combat 3 on Android, level 5 after the helo

  • Car stops in Modern Combat 3 on Android, level 5 after the helo Jon

    In the shoot from the truck level 5, the car stops, and I don't know what to do.

    Just after the grenade launcher pops into my hand, blow up the car, and drive over a river. The driver says something about a helo. Then the car stops.

    There is no one I can see to kill, and I don't know how to get out of the car, or get it moving again.

    Is it a crashed game? Am I missing something? What do I do? Or is there a cheat to get to level 6 as I don't like the moving vehicle levels anyway?

  • It was just a glich in the game. I played a couple more times. Once I didnt destroy the truck chasing me, and it drove off down the river. And the car continued about a meter than in was stopping and stopped in front of a helicopter. Kill them etc....

    Good game but i do find myself getting stuck on the scenery or not being able to jump over little things. annoying glitches....

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