Where is the Prothean Sphere in the Hades Nexus area?

  • Where is the Prothean Sphere in the Hades Nexus area? kikou13200

    I'm trying to find the Prothean Sphere in the Hades Nexus System, but I cannot really find it since all the system are invaded by Reapers and so I cannot scan quietly. (tried many times, many games over without having results from the scan)

    Can someone could tell me on which system and planet is it exactly? This will enable me to rush to the planet, retrieve the artefact and flee before the reapers catch me.

  • You'll find the probe on Gei Hinnom planet in the Sheol sector. Which is, as you might now, in the Hades Nexus System.

    Good luck evading the reapers!! (Otherwise you can wait their awareness get lower)

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