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    As Lulu, you can redirect your passive using Help, Pix! and give it to an ally. Upon doing so, you can use her other ability, Glitterlance, and aim it from yourself and the ally you used Help, Pix! on. What happens if the ally is teleported or moved across the map shortly after your ability? Can you sit in your base and use the abilities in tandem to help, say a Shen, track down a target and slow them with Glitterlance to get an across-the-map Assist (or KS)?

  • No, pix has a leash range of 2000. If the supported champion moves out of this range, pix automatically returns to lulu.

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  • When you cast "Help, Pix!" and the recipient targets a tower does it add damage or does Pix only attack other units? The description of the skill reads: "If cast on an ally, commands Pix to jump to an ally and shield them. He then follows and aids their attacks." So, does Lulu's passive (and the associated "Help, Pix!") add damage when attacking structures?

  • "Pix, Faerie Companion" also known as Lulu's passive is a small fairy (or faerie?) that fires along side with you, and a few other things. Is there anyway for me to make it move to a certain position without moving/rotating Lulu or using an ability (ie protect/shield)?

  • Lulu can cast Help, Pix! on allies and enemies. If she casts it on an ally, Pix's magic missile barrage attack triggers on the ally's auto attacks. If an enemy is killed as a result of this damage (rather than the triggering auto attack) is Lulu granted the kill or is her ally granted the kill?

  • When a Lulu puts her shield (E) on a teammate, every time they auto-attack Pix also fires a bolt. Does this bolt "count" for Lulu or that character? For example, let's say your AD carry is trying to get red buff. You, as Lulu, put your shield on them. Now every time the AD carry auto-attacks, there is a Pix bolt added to it. If it just so happens that the damage from Pix's bolt is what kills the Elder Lizard, will Lulu end up with the buff? Or will the AD carry still get it? The same question could be asked for champion kills. If it counts for Lulu, this seems like a big hazard

  • Lulu's passive, Pix, provides extra attacks for herself or an ally, depending on who Pix is currently following. What does this damage scale from? Does it scale with AD, AP, etc.? Is Pix's damage Magical or Physical? Does Pix attack when the ally uses spells, or just for autoattacks?

  • Will the stealth effects of Akali's Twilight Shroud cancel the vision granting effects of Lulu's Help, Pix! spell?

  • As Caitlyn, I used my ultimate on a very low health Lulu that had her skills (including her ultimate) on cooldown. She started to run away, my ultimate went off, and my ultimate did not hurt her even one bit. She and I couldn't believe what happened. We came to the conclusion that Pixie had intercepted the ultimate, but I'm still not sure. Is this possible?

  • I was wondering if Pix's 3 hits count for things like Ionic Spark or proc the effects of Wit's End. If nothing else, does Spell Vamp proc off of their dmg?

  • ". This opens a full-screen map. (Do you get this map only if you know cartography?!) At minute 4:00 you can see that the "radar" map gets activated when the player drinks from the fountain in Middlegate (Drink from the fountain of Clairvoyance?). However, this effect lasts only until your party rests. In which other ways can this map be enabled? Is there a spell? An ability? An item? ...In Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World (SNES version, if it matters), how do you activate the map in the top right corner? I have a character with the cartography ability, but still got

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