Who is Jesse Perring?

Eric Wurtzbacher
  • Who is Jesse Perring? Eric Wurtzbacher

    Is he Lee Sin's brother or something? I read it in his ultimate description about whoever taught it too him, and heard him again in the super old Ezreal champion spotlight.

  • haha, jesse perring is a Riot employee who was once one of the best LoL players around. He is still very very good, and thus the legacy of Jesse Perring lives on. So consider him the Chuck Norris of League of Legends.

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  • Can I respawn him if I use an ascetic on the Aldia's keep bonfire ? If not is there a way to respawn him trapped (other than NG+). I didn't talk to him before freeing him and I want his quests and armor set. (I would have tried already but I don't want to give HP to the monsters there, they already have plenty ...) Thanks.

  • If you don't know what the ME3 DLC is about, you may get spoiled. I did the From Ashes mission, and now I have a living Prothean as a potential squadmate. However, in the first mission after rescuing him, I wasn't able to select him, he was grayed out. He did mention that I was lying with words (as he sensed I'm a little too nice to people) when I told him I'd do anything to stop the reapers. Do I have to be a Renegade before I can use him? Or will he become available later? Why can't I select him from the get-go?

  • I just married him, and when I told him to move to Whiterun, he just stands in the same exact spot he was standing in when I told him to move. He'll only leave Riften if I tell him to move into his house. (Probably the Argonian Assemblage in Wimdhelm) How can I make him move to my house?

  • Boxcars says that, since I'm the Powder Gangers' "Grim [expletive] Reaper," if I give him 15 Med-X, he'll OD and die for me. But my only options (while carrying 43 Med-X's) are 1, 2, 3 and 5. If I give him 5, I don't seem to have an option to give him more. Is there any way to get him to OD? Or if I'm playing pro-NCR (who would kill him anyway), is my only in-character option to shoot him?

  • I want to kill Paarthurnax because I like the Blades. All my friends didn't kill him so I want to find out, on my own, what it's like to. I already killed Alduin and talked to the Blades. Now, they still want me to kill Paarthurnax and I agreed to kill him. So I go back to the Throat of the World where he is at and tell him they want me to kill him. He goes on about trust and what not and I attack him with my sword. He stays still like nothing happened. So I continue to attack him but then he flies up, lands and somehow he gets all of his health back. Is this a glitch or am I missing

  • In State of Decay I got killed with one of the characters that I have available by a zombie. For me he is my main character and I don't want to play without him. So is there any kind of cheat or modding to revive him or just go back to older saved game before he died without starting from the beginning of the game?

  • So, thinking of doing the stormcloak questline, but I really do like Jarl Balgruff, he's cool. Thing is, despite being a thalmor hater, and talos worshipper himself, he still gives the axe back and you're forced to invade Whiterun and depose him. Is there a way to stop that decision and get him to keep the axe, thus joining the stormcloak cause without bloodshed?

  • In Snoopy's Street Fair for iPhone, one of your goals is to make Snoopy angry ten times. I tried just tapping him to get various reactions hoping that one of them would be anger, since that approach worked when I had to make him laugh ten times. However, I have now seen every emotional reaction Snoopy has, multiple times, but it still shows no progress towards the goal of making him angry ten times. I know it doesn't have to be consecutive, but beyond that, I don't know what to do. How do I make Snoopy angry?

  • I've noticed the G-Man walking around in various areas in HL2 and the episodes...always just outside of the normal camera range unless if you really look at him. I realize that this is just a bit of cinematic flair and Valve is playing around here a bit, but I'm curious...is there any way to interact with him? Shoot or kill him even? I'm currently about halfway through Episode 2 and just noticed him walking on a far-off catwalk. I didn't have access to a weapon at that point but it kind of made me wonder.

  • I rescued Dexion and he immediately began attacking me. Serana beat him down and we got out of the cave, but he was outside with us and began attacking again. Serana beat him down again and I was able to fast travel to the Dawnguard hold. He was inside and was attacking everyone. I've tried: changing his faction setting his hostility to 0 teleporting him outside the hold One of the above console commands did something to him because now he's just standing still, but he's "busy", so I cannot interact with him. I no longer have the auto save from before I rescued him, so I am going

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