What happens when someone teleports when Nautilus' Depth Charge is chasing them?

Aaron Ahlgren
  • What happens when someone teleports when Nautilus' Depth Charge is chasing them? Aaron Ahlgren

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    What happens if the target of Nautilus's ult teleports?

    Nautilus' ultimate, Depth Charge, fires a shockwave that chases the enemy champion and explodes when it reaches them. What happens if the enemy recalls to base while the shockwave is chasing them?

  • It has a range. This has happened to me before, and it went about halfway across the map before it just disappeared and took his cooldown.

  • Source from Xypherous, Nautilus' technical designer:

    If they are more than 2000 units away from Nautilus - it will detonate on the spot.

    So it will explode after a certain amount of follow-distance.

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