How should I respond to trolls or ragers?

Channing Bachman
  • How should I respond to trolls or ragers? Channing Bachman

    Trolls and ragers are probably one of the most annoying encounters in League of Legends. I think I encounter them more than AFKers and people who disconnect. What is a good way to respond to them in order to keep the possibility for your team to win?

  • Play as well as you can with them in the game, mute them if you have to, and just report them for bad attitude afterwards. Sadly, this is all that can be done.

  • Don't respond.

    They're just looking to argue and make someone mad. If you don't talk to them, they'll get bored and either afk or maybe start trying.

  • The best thing you can do is dont feed them. If you put yourself on the same level they will win because they are experts in troll art.

    Mute them and do the better you can, evaluate scenarios and decide according to that, in 1 v 2 run away or hug tower if possible.

    By ignoring them you will be doing all you can do to prevent the bad mood.

  • You have to still try until the very end. If those people are really so arrogant to waste their time to lose a game then you can report them for what they have done. This report would go through the Tribunal and hopefully something will be done. There is nothing much you can do since this is their choice to troll or rage.

  • Trolls are just looking for reactions, so don't respond. Ragers can sometimes be reasoned with, but don't rage back at them. Keep playing to try and make a good experience for everyone else. Report them at the end of the game, and try and go to the tribunal as much as you can.

  • The all encompassing best answer is: Not respond

    Trolls who get angry and start throwing might stop their actions if no one is paying attention to them. Typically, shouting at them or insulting them causes them to do even more outrageous things.

    Stay positive and be reasonable. Pretend you're a nice guy who's getting screwed by his actions. I've guilt-tripped more than a few trolls into getting in line.

    Alternative answer (if you wish to counter-troll):

    Pretend you don't speak english and spam things like "porque?" They can't respond to you because you don't "understand" what he's saying while you do things to annoy him.

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