imac voice chat not working with Starcraft 2

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  • Possible Duplicate: Has anyone had success with Voice Chat in StarCraft 2? Starcraft 2 has an in-game microphone feature (push-to-talk), but it simply doesn't work. My microphone is functioning outside of the game and when I talk I can see that it picks up my voice (the microphone waves move), but no one can hear me. Also, the microphone test does not work. My settings are fine, and it's not muted or anything. Any idea on what to do?

  • I've read this Reddit /r/Borderlands post, 'Is it just me, or is Krieg "heavy"?' and its comments, and learned that Krieg is heavier than most (or all) of the other characters and more resistant to knockback attacks. Quoting the related part of the post and some of the comments: I [playing as Krieg] can't grenade jump as high as with the other characters. ...that's just how Krieg works. His greater mass makes him largely resistant to knockback attacks, too, which is why he can go toe-to-toe with Loaders. It was stated by Paul Hellquist on the GBX forums in an Xbox support topic

  • screen. However, my friend will be having conversations with the other people as we are sitting there, so they obviously do have mics, I just can't see/hear them. The usual culprit is a closed or moderate... people. What could be causing me to not be able to hear any other people in matchmaking? Of note, on occasion I run into people who show a muted sign, but never anyone who has a mic symbol. Also, voice chat works correctly in other games (like Mass Effect 3), so I think it might be specific to Reach.

  • In a free for all match, can I voice chat with my opponents? One of my friends started playing Black Ops (it's her first FPS game ever) and to teach her how to play I created a private free for all match so we would be the only two players on the map. I tried voice chat with her and everything was set up correctly (we could see the speaker icon above our heads blink when either of us spoke in the map). Only thing is I could not hear her at all (the volume was up high). I know in TDM you can't listen to the enemy chatter due to strategy and stuff but I would guess you could listen

  • supports a number of chat commands. For example: /w USERID Hello UserId! sends "Hello UserId!" to that user. I'd like to see the current list of commands now that Starcraft 2 has come out, so that I can learn any changes, additions, or anything specific to Starcraft 2. I have been able to find several dated, unofficial lists, but I would far prefer a current, official list, which I have not been able to find. Can anyone find one? For reference, in case we can't find an official list, here is the most complete old, unofficial list I found. Thanks!

  • finished the quest a long time ago (around the lvl25) but the AoP still talk to me. Can't find the RefID of him, neither a way to un-complete the quest, nor something to delete the voice. If i launch... there, haunting me forever. A possible fix I can think of is to use the 'disable' command on the Aspect of Peryite. However, I can't target the Aspect of Peryite (he's invisible - although in the related quest... my cursor targets, but Peryite can't be hit (I mostly ended up disabling walls and stuff). I tried the 'help' console command, but I can't find the right RefID. Anyone know any solutions

  • So my companion Andronikos Revel had a quick chat with me via a quest, and I told him he could fly my ship. Okay I guess, now I hear his voice from time to time while doing space missions. Is there anyway to tell him that I don't want him doing that anymore? can I change it to a different companion when I get more in the future? I guess my big question here is, can the ship's pilot be changed without the one-time companion quest?

  • I've just re-installed Starcraft 2 and I had the pleasure to view the nice intro cinematic ;) The voice of the non-prison-person-speaking really reminded me of Peter Cullen. As I couldn't find any info on that, I'd like to know if anyone actually knows who that voice actor is and why he sounds like Cullen :)

  • I'm currently playing as Gaige and I noticed after sprinting for awhile [as expected] I started hearing a breathing noise, but I continued. Apparently I've got unlimited sprint? the game never slowed me down (while sprinting I mean) is this a bug? In most of the games I've played when I hear the breathing sound effect it means that I can't sprint for a little while and have to let it recharge. If I do have unlimited sprint then why do I hear the breathing sound effect, is it just for atmosphere or what?

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