Why do my sound settings not save upon exit in Minecraft?

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  • Why do my sound settings not save upon exit in Minecraft? Zero Stack

    When I launch Minecraft, I have to go into the sounds menu and change the music volume level to 0. When I close Minecraft and reopen it, the sound level will be back at 100.

    I am running 1.2.3 (I think). I am running several mods, but all of them seem to be functioning properly. I usually play Minecraft with music from my personal music library playing, but I am still able to hear creepers, and other in game sounds.

    Is there a way to permanently set the in-game music in Minecraft to 0, or is this some kind of bug?

  • Copy and paste the following Path into the Start menu Search bar (Windows 7) or into Windows Explorer, if you are using XP (Win Key + R => type in the word "explorer" (no quotes) => Enter):


    Now open options.txt and edit it to your liking. The area for music should read:


    If the above Path variable does not work look for this (Windows 7):


    When you're finished, save the file and set it to read-only, so Minecraft wont change it again. Right-click options.txt => Properties => Click the Read-only raido button under attributes

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