Stronghold locations in 1.2.4 vs 1.1?

  • Stronghold locations in 1.2.4 vs 1.1? John

    It appears that the stronghold locations have moved. I had found a strong hold at one point in a creative world that my little kids like to play in. I found it in 1.0 or 1.1. I didn't write down the coordinates.

    Since that time, we're running 1.2.4 and we are using an eye of ender to try and find the stronghold again, and it's taking us to a nearby, but different spot, a spot just on the edge of what we had previously explored. So, when we get to new areas, we find vestiges of a stronghold, all of which end abruptly at the "old explored area" vs. the "newly generated area" boundary.

    I've also tried flying to a totally different part of the world, to see if the eye of ender takes us to a different stronghold, but no luck. It's my understanding from the Wiki that there should be 3 strongholds, all roughly equally spaced around the center, roughly 1km from (0,0,0) but no matter where I go, the eyes of ender always take me back to this non-existent stronghold.

    Is there any app that will give me strong hold locations for a 1.1 minecraft seed? My seed is: -6550982739431437639

    Any suggestions?

  • The algorithm for generating landscapes changed between 1.1 and 1.2.4. Unfortunately you won't find that fortress where you found it before in that map. You will have to track it down again. Remember you can use Eyes of Ender to find a fortress.

  • what is already generated followed the 1.1 rules for world generation, as you go past the boundaries it will begin to generate with the 1.2.4 rules. If I remember correctly, the eye will point to where they should be in the current version. if that land is already generated you're sunk, as the land will not regenerate. however if there is a fortress outside of explored land, you may be able to get one yet.

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