Silent Hill Downpour not saving

  • Silent Hill Downpour not saving Carlo

    Apparently it's only happening to me. The game says it's saving but it doesn't save anything. I just tested 5 mins ago, my last save was 00:53:12 I loaded it, fought some monsters, used some aid kits, and then the game said it was saving, but it didn't save anything. I quit the game right after the "saving" message, then hit on continue, and it loaded that same save in 00:53:12, in which I hadn't killed the monster nor used the first aid kit.

    This one was just to test it but the way I noticed was much more annoying. I played the game for 40 minutes (from that same save) I waited for the "saving" message, quit the game, and it loaded all the way back too 00:53:12 again... it's almost making me want to stop playing the game.

    Anyone has had the same problem? I wish they would've just let you save like in past games, I hate it when they dumb games down, and even more so if it doesn't even work right.

  • Hello this problem isn't very rare a lot of people suffer from this problem and others, the game dose a lot of saves that don't work early in the game but for some reason it works a lot better when you get to the town area i cant say for sure that will fix it but that is what i learned so far so. the game dose a hard save when you enter a new location like in a building or a plot event so far there is no fix for it sorry to say.

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