DeGroot Keep - Why can the Scout use liquids, but not the Sniper?

cornbread ninja
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  • Do dispensers decrease item recharge time? DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP

    For some projectiles, like the Flying Guillotine, or the Shortstop's Ball, etc., upon use these items will "recharge", with a bar indicator in the lower right hand corner of the hud. What I've noticed however, is that sometimes, when I'm near a dispenser, the speed in which the bar fills up goes slightly faster than normal. Items that have "recharge": Spycicle Shortstop (Ball) Flying Guillotine Chargin' Targe Splendid Screen Mad Milk Crit-a-Cola Bonk! Atomic Punch Jarate Mad Milk Dead Ringer Invisibility Watch Does the dispenser actually decrease the recharge time?

  • The wiki doesn't seem to have much on the two splash weapons in game, Mad Milk and Jarate, in terms of splash radius. What's the splash radius on these two weapons in terms of units? Is the splash radius effected by anything else, including height thrown from, or the position landed? Is it a circular radius, or a spherical radius?

  • I unfortunately installed a Laser Targeting System to my Silenced sniper rifle and never used the rifle for several hours. When I needed it, I discovered it was now unreliable, as it's mentioned on Sniper Rifle wikia article. Now, If I want to get rid of it, what should I do? Also note that I have put others upgrades into it that I would like to keep and, as I said, I played several hours before notifying the problem so loading the save game is not an option.

  • Aside from the damage-over-time effect and spy checking, does being set on fire have other effects on robots? e.g. Are Sniper robots unable to fire their primary weapon if they are set on fire? What about other effects?

  • I have a Genuine Ham Shank from pre-ordering Don't Starve on Steam: I'd like to know what would happen if: I applied paint to my Ham Shank and/or I used a Name Tag to change the item's name Will it keep the green text indicating it is an item of genuine quailty if I apply one or both of the above tools (or any other tools such as the Description Tag for that matter)?

  • How many degrees can the Sniper Autoballista (upgraded Autoballista) turn? I was wondering if it could cover all sides at 360° or if I should put more to cover all sides.

  • With the Chargin' Targe or the Splendid Screen the Demoman can charge causing a variety of effects, but mostly propelling the Demoman forward. Recently while playing Hightower I charged a Pyro while being air juggled with successive back blasts. Usually the charge is a good way to escape an air juggle, but I seemed to get caught by another back blast before I could escape the juggle. So that makes me wonder, can the Demoman's charge be back blasted by a Pyro? Also, does it matter whether the Demoman is already airborne? Can the entire charge be back blasted, from start to finish?

  • Is there some easy way to kill Craw Maggots in the Crawmerax fight? I play Siren and I usually have a friend playing Hunter. I've got most of the legendary (orange) weapons, I prefer SMGs, Sniper Rifles and Magnums but I can use any gun. Armored Craw Worms go down in 3-4 shots from a Defiler (Corrosive Magnum), my Hellfire (Fire SMG) tears down Green Craw Worms in a couple seconds. NOTHING kills... (Thunder Sniper) eventually kills them but it takes several seconds. Thunder Magnums and SMGs don't help much. Criticals are hard since they move so fast. I've read the Borderlands Wiki post

  • fellow mad scientists. I've been playing FTB Unleashed (v1.1.3) for a while now and I recently discovered the Applied Energistics mod. I've also watched Direwolf20's spotlight and a couple other YouTube videos about it and it's looking really awesome. This is my first attempt at an ME network, but I've hit a bit of a snag; I've read on the wiki and seen on YouTube that you can import items from... I took of the network and some machine GUIs. Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening and how I can get the Import Bus to work? -Soullesswaffle

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