Is there a way to change my spawn point in Terraria?

Shadow Zorgon
  • Is there a way to change my spawn point in Terraria? Shadow Zorgon

    In Terraria, I built a house a little ways away from where I spawn. But, when I re-join/ respawn, it puts me back at that spawn point, which gets very annoying. Is there a way to move my spawn point?

  • Build a bed (5 silk, 15 wood), place it and right-click it.

    Be sure to place it in valid housing. If correctly done so, you'll see "Spawn point set!".

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  • I have a Terraria server running at home for my friends to play. It works fine for them and myself when I play at home - but at work or on my mum's PC which are in different locations it doesn't. When I try to join from either of these locations, the server is found, loaded and the name of the server is picked up etc. When I join I can see that the world has all the correct tiles (ie the houses around the spawning point are present, etc) but after about 1-2 seconds the connection is lost. I'm on Hamachi at work at the moment and see that next to the computer that's running the Terraria

  • I run a dedicated server for Terraria and have a bit of a problem lately with younger people (such as my brother or a friend's brother) playing and finding it hilarious to: Cheat and give... of the map. This can at times be infuriating. I've come across vague references to protecting stuff in Terraria - is this possible? If so, is it something that I do through the server software or the game itself? Edit: Here is one such reference to 'protected' tiles: Unset spawn point on protected servers?

  • There is a feature in minecraft, that an arrow will break item frames. However, on SMP server users can protect their regions and the region is smart enough to check the origin ID of the arrow. Still, I wonder if anyone could mess up with our spawn's crafting tutorials (which are made of item frames). One way would be leading a skeleton archer to the spawn, but I guess that would require inhuman patience. Also, dispenser arrows seem to be anonymous, but in my case that's something don't have to worry about.

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