Do I have to learn all of the insults and comebacks to be able to advance in The Secret of Monkey Island?

Daniel LeCheminant
  • Do I have to learn all of the insults and comebacks to be able to advance in The Secret of Monkey Island? Daniel LeCheminant

    When I get to the insult sword-fighting stage of The Secret of Monkey Island, do I have to learn every single insult and comeback in order to beat the Sword Master?

  • No, you can fight the sword master without knowing all the comebacks. It's all a matter of luck which insults she throws at you.

  • Thankfully no, you don't have to learn them all. It is a bit tedious to get all the comebacks.

    This is because to beat the Sword Master you only need to do comeback for a subset of all the insults. But it requires some luck.

  • IIRC no, you'll be able to beat the Sword Master once you have learned a certain quantity of insults, but you don't need all of them.

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