To be or not to be in the Dark Brotherhood and a Guild Master

  • To be or not to be in the Dark Brotherhood and a Guild Master Leandro

    First of all I'm trying to avoid repeating this question: What should I consider when deciding to join or destroy the Dark Brotherhood?

    I was reading and I have a few doubts about the history line. I read that you can kill Astrid, but then you can join the Dark Brotherhood anyway, if you do not choose to start another history. Is that correct?

    My idea is to try to complete this questline but then kill 'em all. So I think I'll kill Astrid first.

    My questions are:

    1. If I kill Astrid can I really join the dark brotherhood and then once I've completed that questline destroy 'em all?
    2. If not, is there a way to do that?
    3. If I only choose to destroy them, can I get the Shadowmere? How?
    4. Is there a consequence for being a member of the dark brotherhood with any NPC?
    5. In relation to these, I'm married with Mjoll the Lioness. If I become a Guild Master will I have problems?

    I'd be grateful for any comments or answers. Thanks and kind regards.

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  • You can only choose one of two things:

    1. Kill Astrid and destroy the Brotherhood (and not obtain shadowmere)
    2. Join the Brotherhood

    Also, there are barely any consequences. No one will really have anything but maybe different speech options for intimidate.

    Of course there always are console commands to fix your needs if you feel like cheating.

    1. If you kill Atrid you just get her armor and the Blade of Woe, which you'll get anyway.
    2. No way to do those quests unless it glitches or you have a mod on the PC version.
    3. No Shadowmere for you if you kill her.
    4. Not really, but if you pickpocket someone, they notice and you escape they will possibly send someone after you. They will be Dark Brotherhood if you're not part of it, otherwise they'll be mercenaries.

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