How to build a tunnel in A-Train 8?

  • How to build a tunnel in A-Train 8? mrminecraft3000

    How do you make a tunnel in A train 8. I have got the tunnels lined up and at the same elevation but the train refuses to go through. enter image description here

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  • I independently confirmed this aswell. I recently bought the scrapyard property and capped out at 5000 from destroying police vehicles; in the SE train tunnel I called the police and continually lured them out only to destroy their vehicles in the tunnel (As bonus the train comes through and does additional damage to vehicles/cops/NOOSE). Once I'm out of ammo I jumped on a train heading north into yet another tunnel, erasing my 5-star wanted level. TL;DR Do the weekly earnings roll over? I'm pretty sure after ~4 house of the above I destroyed more than 33.3 vehicles.... Also how exactly

  • Is the price of tunnel linear or it is exponential by length? I am thinking about to dig a hole down in the ground with a certain frequency and connect holes with tunnels, if so the price I can decrease.

  • I have dug a tunnel from inside my fort to the edge of the map. Will this work as a road connected to my town hall in order to attract immigrants, or does the road have to be on the surface?

  • I have recently installed the traincarts plugin on my server. So far I have been getting along fine, until the part about destinations and path-finding. What I want to know is how do I set/name a station so that the train knows where its going. I have a station and a train called train2, I want it to be able to get to the second station without losing its way. If you would find it easier to demonstrate this please say and I could whitelist you on my server. Thanks.

  • I'm playing the original The Settlers game in DOS. It seems like your knights train up from level 1 to level 5 relatively quickly at the main castle (as I said, relatively; the game is slow so it's still like an hour). Do they train up at the same speed in storage depots, or is it a bit slower? I see they also train up when they're stationed in large garrisons too, but I think that is definitely slower.

  • In Craft the World, when you dig your mining tunnels, they always get clogged up with flesh eating plants after a while. Is there anything I can do to prevent them from spawning so my dwarves can go through the tunnel unhampered?

  • I'm able to successfully board a train by dropping down from overhanging platforms, but even once I have worked my way to the front of the train the "enter vehicle" button fails to work. How do I enter the train so I can control it?

  • I've recently played a number of games of Rush on Grand Bazaar and when attacking I manage to run along the left tunnel, go to arm the MCOM and then get mowed down by people camping above the tunnel exit (circled below). Is this hack to get up there or is there a legitamite way of doing so? Once one person gets up there his squadmates can spawn on him and put a beacon down so they don't have to worry about getting up there again.

  • I was looking through some of the menus and I noticed that vendors have a significantly high laziness. Does this affect how any of the rides or shops run and does training them/giving them discipline do anything to affect the productivity of the rides or shops (like when you train mechanics or janitors)?

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