Where to find Page of Blacksmithing?

  • Where to find Page of Blacksmithing? Glider

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    Farming Pages/Tomes of Crafting

    Where can I find Pages of Blacksmithing? I need them to upgrade my blacksmith to the next level.

    Thank you.

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  • Possible Duplicate: Farming Pages/Tomes of Crafting Do I have to be on a certain difficulty or Act? Do they only drop from Champion/Elite mobs? Are they particularly rare?

  • Unlike the majority of crafting ingredients, the Tome of Secrets found in Inferno is considered a blue item. Does increasing magic find help increase the number of tomes found? Or are they treated like the other white text craft ingredients (pages/books)?

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  • I'd like to know what the maximum stack sizes of the different consumable items and crafting materials in the game are. I know from experience and from this question that potions will stack up to 100, as will the various item salvaging materials. But what about gems, pages of Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting, et al? Are these all 100 as well?

  • Note: The auction house no longer exists. This question is irrelevant to the current release of the game When I go to the auction house, select pages and recipes -> artisan crafting -> pages of blacksmithing (or any of the pages), and i try to click buyout it wont let me. it says you must purchase at least (coins worth)100 of this item. Why can't i buy any recipes? I haven't really used the auction house much but is it that there isn't enough stock of this item so i can't buy it out?

  • In the Old Magic quest, I have to bring three arcane tomes to a man but I have only found two of them. There are three locations marked on the map and I checked them, but there is one location where I couldn't find a book. In that place I have to move a plank to enter through a window on the second floor. When I entered I saw a bed and there are stairs down to the main floor where there is a library but I can't see the arcane tome. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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  • There are a bunch of new legendary materials in Diablo 3, used to craft specific items. I need, for example, Element of Celerity, Quaking Vial, or Skelon's Dice to make some of the recipes I've found, but I have no idea where to find them. Where can you find each of the new legendary crafting materials?

  • In League of Legends, there are quite a few champions that don't use mana. I am wondering if there are any pages or posts that explain why Riot chooses to create a champion that doesn't use mana..., and I have no clue where else to ask the question but on stack exchange. Morello answered a question in the forums that somewhat touches on this subject: The reason is manaless champions need... considerations, etc) but they can be made functional if you're smart about it. Vlad's definitely the antithesis of this paradigm though, as he gains resources over time. I didn't find anything too concrete

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