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    What are the special abilities the unique/champion monsters can have?

    I often see other players complaining about the types of monsters they run into, like Mortar Arcane Wallers. Now, I'm only halfway through Act 2 currently, so I am not sure what two of those affixes do.

    Is there a list of affixes available to monsters, and their associated effects?

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  • Today I was farming Act II on normal difficulty with 250% magic find bonus trying to find some decent rares. Of 25-30 rare items that I found all armor items had 4 affixes and weapons had 4 to 5 affixes. I know that items can have up to 6 affixes (source), but apparently on lower levels the limit is 4 or possibly 5. I would like to know on what exactly maximum number of affixes depends (is it act and difficulty? Or iLvl?) and what is the earlies point in game where I can start getting items with all 6 affixes. Is there any official (or unofficial) info on that? Also, I suspect

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  • Champion and Rare monsters have special abilities that enhance their difficulty. When I was playing on Normal difficulty, these mobs always had one special ability. On Nightmare, I've noticed that they always have two special abilities. Does this continue through all the difficulties? I've found some really nasty combinations of just two abilities, and I can imagine some horrific combinations of three, much less four of them.

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