How can I tell what level enemies are?

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  • Possible Duplicate: How do I determine the level and XP reward of mobs in Diablo III? I saw this awesome explanation of how much EXP is gained relative to you and the monsters' levels. The problem is, I have no clue what level the enemy monster is. How do I know if I'm fighting monsters 10 levels above me or 20 below me.

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  • At the moment there is no way to conclusively determine a monster's level other than the XP rewarded from killing it, relative to your player's level according to How do I determine the level and XP reward of mobs in Diablo III?. However, if you do determine a monster's level and kill it, does it reward the same XP as any other monster the same level? Is the amount of XP affected by type, e.g. ghoul vs carrion bat vs grotesque? Is the amount of XP affected by monster status, e.g. normal monster vs champion vs unique/miniboss vs boss?

  • Possible Duplicate: How are random properties chosen for items in Diablo 3? I am trying to figure out the odds of getting a specific hellfire ring. I know that it gets 4 random magic properties. I was wondering how many magic properties there are that can be on the hellfire ring. I found this article but was wondering if there is a smaller more concise list. Thanks!

  • Possible Duplicate: How does the massacre bonus work? Destruction grants you bonus XP for destroying objects and Massacre grants bonus XP for kill streaks. How much time do I have between these events for it to count as part of the same chain?

  • Possible Duplicate: How does Skyrim determine if a dungeon is “cleared” I just completed a quest for Falk Firebeard in which I had to clear Wolfskull Cave. I cleared it completely, returned to him, got the reward. However, it is not marked as Cleared. Similarly with Brinewatter Grotto: I killed everyone inside except the friendly Argonian, and it isn't Cleared. Both were used in quests (which weren't radiant AI ones) so I assume they aren't going to be reused.

  • Possible Duplicate: What is the fastest way to level up my alchemy skill? I'm new to alchemy and I would like to know what is the best potion to make fast money and xp in alchemy? What is the ingredients and where can I get many of it? How much time do I need to level my alchemy to 100?

  • Possible Duplicate: Do I ever get xp for my party member's kills? One of the significant new differences for Diablo III is that there is no "party" system, and within a game all players are assumed to be in the same party. One of the benefits being that if you are helping another player in a game, by fighting side by side, then you will get experience for doing so. Players... the teaming masses of Hell. So if, like me, you enjoy playing a ranged class and staying out of the fray, roughly how far can you be away before you stop getting shared experience? Is the radius

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