Does rend stack?

  • Does rend stack? Anders

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    Do damage over time effects stack?

    The ability "Rend" makes your target bleed for 3 second. What happens if you consequently use the spell? Will the damage stack or is it a waste of rage to use the spell consequently?

  • You will refresh the timer on the rend debuff, not apply a totally separate effect. However, you will still get the initial damage, and if two separate barbs apply a rend, you will have 2 rend debuffs.

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  • I've noticed that some weapons have an affix that states "X.X% chance to inflict Bleed for XXX-XXX damage over 5 seconds". This seems like a cheap way to increase my DPS especially against monsters with a lot of hitpoints, but I tend to use the Barbarian skill "Rend" which also inflicts a Bleed effect. Answers to this question seem to imply that stacking DoTs is not possible for one given ability - however I'm unclear on whether this counts as the same ability since it is a Bleed effect, but from a separate source. I suspect there must be other similar cases with Poison effects and others

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  • Using the Diablo 3 Wizard Spell "Mirror Images" or "Teleport: Fracture", do I get the arcane damage bonus if my mirror images cast Wave of Force: Arcane Attunement or is the bonus linked/limited to the mirror image? theoretical build example:!RWeS!YZbZYb Wave of Force: Arcane Attunement - Each enemy hit increases the damage of your next Arcane spell by 2% Maybe this is related: (passive) Elemental Exposure - Do Mirror Images' spells stack the debuff on enemies?

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