Is it possible to find the Jewel of Dirgest?

  • Is it possible to find the Jewel of Dirgest? agent86

    Covetous Shen is looking for a particular jewel:

    The jewel contains a... powerful creature named Dirgest. He was trapped within it for terrible crimes against his people. [...] Now a flaw has developed in the jewel. Through it, Dirgest can consume the holder's life. I intend to seal his prison, trapping him in it forever.

    Most of the other follower/artisan quests come to some kind of resolution (even if it is pretty much non-interactive and tangential to the game), but I don't remember this one ever going anywhere. Is there more dialog with Shen that I haven't seen where he achieves his goal?

    If this isn't resolved through dialog, does Dirgest's jewel exist within the game? If so, what happens if you manage to find it? Is Dirgest at all important in the overall lore of the series, or is he just a macguffin for Shen to be seeking?

  • No. This is just a story being spun by Shen to allow for continued conversation and dialog with him. It is not an item you can find in game.

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