At what difficulty do legandry "sets" start to drop?

  • At what difficulty do legandry "sets" start to drop? dennis

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    When do set and legendary items start dropping?

    I was wondering at what difficulty setting you would start finding Legendary sets. I ask because I've farmed quite a few Whimsyshire runs yet I have not found a single set item. Is there a specific difficulty that they start dropping on?

  • I picked up a legendary ring "Manald Heal" in normal mode. I can't remember in what ACT I found it but its required level is 17 and I was able to put it on immediately.

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  • the chance of getting higher quality only (like Rare and Set), but apparently it also effects affixes. Also, is it just me or is the table show in the link incorrect? Here is what it says... this: Legendary Set 6-affix rare 5-affix rare 4-affix rare 3-affix magic 2-affix magic 1-affix magic What do you guys think? Is this something recent or was it always there?

  • There are a ton of sets and legendary items in Diablo III. Several of them are inspired from other game/story universes or some event in them. I found out about a few through the forums or Game Guide comments, examples: Guardian's Regalia: reference to Magneto from X-Men Wondrous Deflectors: Wonder Woman reference The Burning Axe of Sankis: refers to a specific incident in a game of Dwarf Fortress What are the various references in such items? I am interested in a full list, with more details on the lesser known ones (e.g. Axe of Sankis)

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  • Since the latest patches, horadric caches have been dropping the same quality of loot regardless of difficulty. What I would like to know is that if each horadric cache acquired has its loot table bound to the specific act they were acquired from. For example, say I want to farm for Gloves of Worship, an act2 bounty-only legendary. Would I be able to acquire it from an act4 horadric cache but that was opened in Act2? Or would I have to, instead, farm bounties from Act2 or Act4 only?

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