How are the stats of your ancients determined when using Call of the Ancients?

  • How are the stats of your ancients determined when using Call of the Ancients? Fredy31

    I've noticed that your ancients are weaker than you, but what are their stats? And do they change depending on you're stats or your level?

  • From the description of the skill.

    Each deals 60% weapon damage per swing in addition to bonus abilities.

    I believe the bonus abilities work the same way yours do.

    This can be altered using runes, however.

    • The "Council Rises" rune increases damage to 66%.
    • "Korlic's Might" increases Korlic's damage to 200% of your damage, by using the "Furious Charge" skill.
    • "Madawc's Madness" increases Madawc's damage to 180% of your damage by using the "Seismic Slam" skill.
    • "Talic's Anger" increases Talic's damage to 250% of your damage by using the "Leap" skill.

    Keep in mind that while the skills runes give you are similar in behavior to your skills, they do different amounts of damage.

    Only thing I'm unsure of is how much health/armor/resistances/MF/etc each ancient has. An ancient can die, but I haven't been able to find any information on how much health they have. I assume their health/armor/resistance stats match yours unless anyone can prove otherwise or Blizzard comes out and explicitly says.

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