Killed in one hit with Force Armor?

  • Killed in one hit with Force Armor? Nico

    Why is it that Fallen Maniacs can kill me flat from 23k hp to zero when I have Energy Armor with Force Armor rune up? Is that even possible or did my Energy Armor decay without me realizing?

  • Assuming you didn't let Energy Armor decay, it's likely due to the Force Armor hotfix -

    Amount of damage absorbed from a single attack will now cap at 100% of a player’s maximum Life.

    Though this is poorly worded, this basically means that while Force Armor will trigger on any hit larger than 35% of your health pool, it won't absorb more than 100% of your life in damage - for example, with your 23,000 life, if you were to take a hit for 60,000 damage, Force Armor will attempt to reduce it to 35% of your total life - 8,050 damage. However, since it's not able to absorb more than 100% of your life, it can't reduce it below 37,000 total damage, thus killing you in one shot.

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