Is there any lore about why the Horadric Cube isn't in Diablo 3?

Kyle Yeo
  • Is there any lore about why the Horadric Cube isn't in Diablo 3? Kyle Yeo

    What happened to the Horadric Cube after Diablo 2? Is it lost forever? Is there a chance to find such a rare item again or has Blizzard said nothing about its disappearance?

    Shouldn't the Horadric Cube be with Deckard Cain, since he is one of the last Horadrim?

    I'm trying to find if Blizzard did anything for a main story item transition from Diablo 2 to Diablo 3 here. If there are any small pieces of information you could find it would be greatly appreciated.

  • The Horadric Cube is not in Diablo 3. Given the Diablo series tries to extrapolate from a character having performed the actions in previous Diablos, my assumption due to the lack of evidence is that it remained in the possession of the hero who killed Diablo and Baal 20 years earlier until they passed away.

    The Horadric Cube would not have magically made its way back to Deckard Cain unless it was specifically handed to him. After all, he wasn't in possession of it in Diablo 2.

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