How can I fix a "failed to connect to LAN" error in Rome Total War: Gold?

  • How can I fix a "failed to connect to LAN" error in Rome Total War: Gold? MrThys

    I recently purchased Rome Total War: Gold via the Mac App Store on OS X Lion. I have had a lot of fun playing the single player campaign.

    However, when I try to access multiplayer to battle against my friends by going to Multiplayer → LAN Battles, I get to enter my player name, but after that the game freezes for a short while and an error appears:

    Failed to connect to LAN

    The error occurs in the normal version as well as in Barbarian Invasion. My friend (on a Windows machine) does get into the lobby after entering his player name.

    I disabled all and any firewalls and antivirus but I can't seem to solve the problem. How can I fix this error?

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