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    How is skill damage calculated based on weapon damage?

    I am confused a little bit about weapon-damage based abilities. My minimum weapon damage for my barbarian is 1066. If I use Weapon Throw (which damages "for 100% weapon damage"), I will hit for around 15,000 damage. Based on this little bit of information, and the tool-tip supplied by Diablo, the damage is actually my weapon damage (1066) multiplied by your strength divided by 100, multiplied by the spell percentage (100).

    This all makes sense, until I analyze another spell (Earthquake):

    Let S equal 12.51 (my strength/100). Let P equal 2000 (percentage based on Earthquake) Let D equal 1066 (my lowest weapon damage)

    S*P*D = 26.67132 million.

    Based on this, earthquake should be doing ~3.3 million damage per second. Comparing my standard output (around 40k DPS (according to Blizzard)), to the damage of Earthquake, it just doesn't seem true at all. What am I missing?

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