Does Life on Hit apply to damage dealt by Thorns?

  • Does Life on Hit apply to damage dealt by Thorns? Betty

    There is a question about whether Life Steal applies to damage dealt by Thorns.

    I'm asking about whether Life on Hit applies to damage dealt by Thorns.

    These two are different:

    Life Steal is "X% of Damage Dealt is Converted to Life."

    Life on Hit is "Each Hit Adds X Life".

    This question How does life on hit work? does not say anything about Thorns. So, here is my question.

  • No it does not, my life on hit on my Barbarian is 1200+ and with monsters hitting me I do not gain any health from their attacks. Also I do have thorns damage, it is currently around 265 damage, so I am doing some thorns damage that would activate it if that was the case.

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