How can I predict how much DPS increase a weapon has on my character?

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  • Possible Duplicate: Is Primary Stat Worth More Than Weapon Damage? What does the Damage stat on the character sheet actually mean? How is it Calculated? Let's say I have a ring that has +2-4 damage and another that has +15 dexterity. I am a demon hunter. I find that equiping the +damage ring gives a much greater boost to my DPS (as shown on my character screen) than the dexterity ring, which is supposed to increase my damage by 15. Does anyone know how this works? Does this have anything to do with how +damage is calculated?

  • Possible Duplicate: What does the Damage stat on the character sheet actually mean? How is DPS Calculated? How is the weapon damage on this weapon calculated? Is the + weapon damage% included in the displayed damage? Why does my damage gets reduced when I equip a 969.4 DPS weapon instead of a 698.0 DPS weapon? I'm a wizard. Weapon A - 698.0 DPS , 605-791 Damage , 1.00 Attacks per second, 93 strength , 371 intelligence. Weapon B - 969.4 DPS , 961-1192 Damage , 0.90 Attacks per second , Critical hit damage increased by 82% and +33% damage Assuming that I have no other

  • Possible Duplicate: How does +% damage on weapons work? Now that I'm nearing level 60, I'm seeing many weapons that have +% damage on them. Is this number already factored into the listed DPS of the weapon? Does this number affect anything beyond the base damage of the weapon it is on? If so, how? Does it affect my off-hand weapon if I'm dual wielding? Is it applied before my primary stat's multipliers? Basically, I'm curious if I can safely ignore this property on an item when doing comparison shopping in the AH because it's already factored into the listed damage range

  • Possible Duplicate: What does it mean to “promote a multiplayer character”? I'm thinking about promoting a level 20 character in exchange for single-player war assets, but before I do, I want to know if it's worth the cost. How much is a level 20 multiplayer character worth as a promoted war asset? Thanks.

  • Possible Duplicate: How is listed DPS calculated when dual-wielding weapons? Below is a screenshot of what I'm referring to. How does a Quiver with those stats increase my total damage when it replaces a one handed crossbow (in my offhand) that has 292.6 damage? I know the damage calculation in D3 is somewhat complicated, but this doesn't make sense to me at all.

  • Possible Duplicate: Are attack speed bonuses factored into the DPS figures? Consider you have 3 different weapons 1000 dps with + elemental damage 1000 dps with +x% damage 1000 dps with +x attack speed If I understand correctly, the + damage and + elemental damage stats are incorporated into the weapons dps. How does the attack speed work? surely any weapon with attack speed is far preferable (assuming similar dps). Does + attack speed even affect the weapons dps (as shown)? To clarify, +% damage and + elemental damage only affect the weapons raw damage (i.e 500-1000

  • Possible Duplicate: How is skill damage calculated based on weapon damage? I am confused a little bit about weapon-damage based abilities. My minimum weapon damage for my barbarian is 1066... is actually my weapon damage (1066) multiplied by your strength divided by 100, multiplied by the spell percentage (100). This all makes sense, until I analyze another spell (Earthquake): Let S equal 12.51... damage per second. Comparing my standard output (around 40k DPS (according to Blizzard)), to the damage of Earthquake, it just doesn't seem true at all. What am I missing?

  • Possible Duplicate: How is the Protection stat calculated? What affixes does the "Stat Changes if Equipped" section of a tooltip not take into account? I would expect that the "Protection" value excludes elemental resistances as they are situational. Is this true, and are there any others? (In particular, what about "All Elements", since it affects all incoming damage?)

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I predict the direction and arc of an Arcane Sentry? When fighting "Arcane Enchanted" enemies, I notice the little ball of energy a few seconds before it starts to fire. When it fires, it appears to fire energy in a line that travels through a 360 degree arc, and then it despawns. However, the direction it starts in matters - I can be standing right next to one for several seconds after it starts to arc, so long as I'm not directly in the line of fire. I might even be able to stand there for longer, if I'm on the side where it will hit last

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