Lydia seems to have become invulnerable

Santiago Palladino
  • Lydia seems to have become invulnerable Santiago Palladino

    A while ago I used the enable/disable command on Lydia to level her up to my current level, as I wanted to keep using her throughout the game. However, and I'm not sure if it happened after that leveling or after the Thalmor Embassy quest, she seems to have become almost invulnerable. No matter what hits her, her health bar drops almost nothing.

    She actually managed to defeat Orchendor on her own, as well as a randomly-encountered dragon, without effort and without any intervention from me.

    Is there any way to detect, through console commands, what is something wrong with her, such as excessively high health regen or armor rating? And if so, how can I get her back to normal? I don't complain about having a powerful follower, but having a too powerful one, well, makes the game a bit boring.


  • Target Lydia in the console, then use getav x where x is an actor value indice like health or CombatHealthRegenMult. Try using resurrect on her, it should reset her stats to what is appropriate.

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  • I've looked everywhere, the breezehome and dragonsreach. In the breezehome it says the bed for Lydia is still owned. In an earlier quest Lydia got killed by a powerful mage, which I killed by a sneak attack. I've went back multiple times but she still lays there dead. I now have a follower Jenassa, and it said I don't have anyone. So is she dead completely and won't be coming back. Or is there a way to bring her back?

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