How can I increase the max selected units in Starcraft single player?

Gareth Jones
  • How can I increase the max selected units in Starcraft single player? Gareth Jones

    I've been playing Starcraft again, and have found the most annoying thing about it is that I can only select a max of 12 units at a time. This is most annoying when playing as Zerg, as I often want to select all my drones, but often end up selecting my larvae as well.

    Is there a way of increasing the max number of units you can have selected at a time in single player, either in game, by mod, tweaking a settings file, or another way?

  • No.

    There is no legitimate (ethically acceptable) way of changing the game to select more than 12 units.

    Mainly because mods in Brood War aren't like Minecraft mods, it doesn't just make the game more fun, it potentially (in this case, definitely) gives you an unfair advantage over your opponent.

    As a long time Brood War player, I entreat you to avoid using these methods and enjoy the game's imperfect beauty.

    But this may quench your thirst if you're not picky about experiencing the pure, true Brood War.

    Starcraft 2 - Brood War Remake

    enter image description here

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