Saints Row: the third buildings getting smaller

  • Saints Row: the third buildings getting smaller Jesse

    I've been playing saints row the third and I've upgraded all my buildings to upgrade level 2 so they're the tallest they can be. Then after I played online and went back to single player, all my cribs have gone back to the base height and I can't bring them back to upgrade 2 because they're all ticked already.

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  • In Saints Row: The Third, having your health drop to 0 (i.e. dying) is called getting Smoked. The tool-tip said that I lose a bit of money to pay for my hospital bill when I respawn. How much do I lose exactly?

  • Saints Row: The Third has introduced an upgrade system for the weapons. Paying extra cash allows you to upgrade to various levels (I've so far seen 4; I don't know if there's more), but it only has descriptions for its upgrades rather than numbers. For example, in order to upgrade my 45 Shepherd to Level 3, I'd need to pay $10,000. The description says Increase the size of your clips but it doesn't say by how much. Without knowing the numbers, I'm not sure whether or not I want to upgrade my weapon or simply buy a new one with better base stats. Is there any way to see actual numbers

  • STAG Vehicle Theft bobertwasabi88

    I just beat the main story to Saints Row the Third and I am going for my second platinum trophy for the PS3. I am moving onto the side mission and one of the objectives is to steal a STAG truck. Since I already drove STAG out of town is there any possible way for me to get a STAG truck without having to go back?

  • In some over-the-shoulder third person games, you can toggle the right stick to swap which shoulder you're looking over, in order to shoot around corners or just because you like it better. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this in Saints Row 4. Can you switch which shoulder you're aiming over in Saints Row 4?

  • New campaign start Aydan Cuppy

    On saints row the third, if I start a new campaign, will I have all of my costumes, weapons, and vehicles? I want to make sure before I start another campaign

  • In Saints row the third, I finished grabbing control of the Stanfield district, which triggers the "The Morning After" mission. However, for some reason, there are no markers or anything on my map, and the dialogue is not very revealing either. What is the purpose of the mission?

  • In Saints Row the Third if player one uses a city takeover (cell phone upgrade, STAG, etc) to secure a district will player two also get all activities in the district marked as complete? I have 2 hard Insurance Fraud activities left and am hoping I can join someone's game when they go to use a takeover perk to get those done. I hate the Insurance Fraud activity.

  • In Saints Row the Third, Is it possible to complete the survival challenges after all the territories have been taken over?

  • I just got a copy of Dishonored (DE) on Steam. The German (DE) version of Dishonored can be unlocked from any country; however, is it any different from the version bought in other countries? For other games, such as Saints Row 2, Counter-Strike Source, and even Team Fortress 2, the German version has ridiculous censorship. However, according to a number of posts online (1, 2, 3, 4), the German version of Dishonored isn't censored at all. Most of these posts, though, were from before the game was actually released, and they're all anecdotal or second-hand. So, are there any confirmed

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