How do I take a message to another player in Animal Crossing?

  • How do I take a message to another player in Animal Crossing? ladenedge

    From time to time, a neighbor will ask me to take a message to another player in my Animal Crossing: City Folk game:

    I have a message I want you to take to him.

    When I accept the mission, the neighbor will say something like:

    OK then, would you please tell <name> that I want to talk to him about "wall designs"?

    Where 'wall designs' changes to whatever it is the neighbor wants to talk about.

    I can't seem to figure out how to pass this message along. I've tried sending a letter to the other player that includes the key word, but I've never received any kind of acknowledgment for my efforts.

    How exactly does my neighbor want me to pass on this message, and what is the reward (if any) for doing so?

  • The person that the villager wants to talk to has to literally go and talk to the villager. Then you'll just type in what they wanted to talk about when the keyboard comes up.

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