Is there a way to disable the use of certain blocks on a minecraft server?

  • Is there a way to disable the use of certain blocks on a minecraft server? Solignis

    I have a bukkit server I run that is based on the latest version.

    I have loaded a few mods mainly buildcraft, IC2, forestry and the BC-IC2 crossover.

    Everything seems to be working fine but there is one thing that is bugging me. Forestry adds an electrial engine so you power it with IC2. Well so does the crossover mod (4 actually). What I want to do is "disable" the use of the electrical engine from forestry as in I don't want it show up or be spawnable even through commands.

    How could I do this? Just give it no block id? or is there more to it?

  • Yes - using WorldGuard

    You can set up a blacklist with very fine detail, for example:


    As with WorldEdit, you can use block ids in place of names, and you can use the on-acquire trigger to notify players when they attempt to craft the item.

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