Console crash towards the end of Dark Brotherhood questline

  • Console crash towards the end of Dark Brotherhood questline SpaceBison

    * Spoilers below of Dark Brotherhood questline *

    In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary;

    ... after the quest to kill the emperor completes, you find Nazir and kill the guy fighting him - you then decide that you must both escape the sanctuary quickly as it's burning - during which time the Night Mother speaks to you and tells you to join her as it's your only chance of salvation.

    When I do this, it starts a cut-scene and the screen goes dark. You then hear what appears to sound like the building collapsing - at this point my Console freezes and requires a hard power-off/power-on. I retried 2 further times and it appears to be persistent and permanent.

    Other than dropping everything that I'm carrying and trying again, is there much I can do to fix it? I was kinda hoping for a New-Vegas style "put on a cowboy hat and enter the strip!" style solution! :)

  • Ok - I ended up solving this myself by simply waiting 5-10 minutes, which (somehow) eventually kickstarts it back into action. During this time the Xbox dashboard is inaccessible, there's no control at all.

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