How can I get Sam & Max Hit the Road working on Windows XP?

  • How can I get Sam & Max Hit the Road working on Windows XP? ChrisF

    The kids picked up a copy of Sam & Max Hit the Road, but I can't get it to install. What do I have to do?

  • Use ScummVM (, it enables you to play a wide range of adventure games on platforms they were never originally available.

  • ScummVM should be able to help you out on any platform, it looks like Sam & Max Hit the Road is compatible

    Head over to and once installed search for the article "User Manual/Installing a game for use with ScummVM" on the wiki to help get you started.

  • My suggestion would be to install DOSBox, and run it through the emulator. I use DOSBox for several old LucasArts games, and it works a treat.

    The compatibility checker shows it should work well:

    Here is a good guide for getting DOSBox setup:

  • As other's have stated ScummVM will do the trick for Sam & Max and any other SCUMM based game.

    For more general advice on getting old games working check out Vogons (Very old games on new systems)

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