AMD Catalyst Control Center has stopped saving application profiles

Jimmy Hoffa
  • AMD Catalyst Control Center has stopped saving application profiles Jimmy Hoffa

    I don't have the fanciest video card, so I usually create an application profile in the Control Center for games to increase or decrease quality depending on how taxing they are.

    However, as of this morning, all of a sudden all my application profiles were deleted, and furthermore I can no longer save new ones, which sucks because I would really like to get decent frames out of some games by using the tweaks in the control center!

    I'm running this on a laptop with a 6520G onboard card that duals with the discrete AMD 7670M, the machine is an Acer Aspire 7560G-7622 as found at That should be irrelevant, though, as this sounds like a software issue with a software fix.

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