Is it possible to change sides on the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim?

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  • have however, heard of a cure, and ponder as to whether it is possible to attempt assassination on either Lord Harkon, or a fellow Lord Vampire. While I realise this shall most likely not result...I activated the Dawnguard DLC approximately three days after it's release/inception, in late June, and commenced actively playing yesterday: July fifteenth, though I had already spoke with Isran, leader of the Dawnguard, I completed what I recollect to be the first quest of Dawnguard yesterday, I recollect the sole objective simply as: 'find out what the Vampires are seeking', I proceeded to do

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  • I have the dawnguard DLC for Skyrim and I want to know what will happen if I become a vampire lord before I start doing the companions quests that eventually turns me into a werewolf. If I complete dawnguard and chose to be a vampire lord before doing companions werewolf transformation, will I be forced to do the werewolf blessing or can I just skip it? Also, if I do become a vampire lord, and choose to become a werewolf, will I be able to cure the werewolf disease and become a vampire lord again?

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  • I've finished Dawnguard and chose to cure Serana of vampirism, but now I think I'd like to have the option of become a vampire lord and getting bloodcursed arrows. I've done some basic console fiddling but was unable to faithfully reproduce a vampire lord transformation (adding the vampire lord spell turns you into a weaksauce version that dies in 2 hits on Master). Mods and console commands welcome, though I'd prefer something along the lines of Valerica taking on Serana's "duties" or simply turning Serana back into a vampire lord.

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