Smithing Improvement became less effective after some time?

  • Smithing Improvement became less effective after some time? Render

    I did not level much after my last improvement for a dwarven bow, which gives a legendary status of 77 while using a ring, a necklace, an outfit and gloves that improve smithing around 25%. I also took a smithing elixir. (50% improvement)

    However, I improved my enchanting skills so I wanted to create a new bow and enhance it, so I smithed a dwarven bow and improved it, however the legendary status was stuck at 63 damage !! Why would it decrease by more than 10 points ? Keep in mind that I used the same fortify smithing outfit and elixir.

    I tried enhancing an extra necklace to give +1% smithing, and I maxed it out to 66. Which is still 10 points below the previous improvement.

    Is this normal? Am I missing something? What could have caused this?

    Note: I'm playing this on the Xbox 360.

  • According to the Smithing wiki page, your effective smithing comes from a few factors:

    Effective Smithing skill = ((Smithing Skill - 13.29) * (1 + Perk) * (1 + Enchant) * (1 + Potion)) + 13.29

    Since you are playing on xbox360 (no console commands), you are unlikely to have lost the perk or have your Smithing Skill decrease.

    That leaves Enchant and Potion modifiers. It's worth noting that these modifiers multiply - they are not additive. If you used 100% enchant and 50% potion one time, and 125% enchant and 25% potion another time, you won't get the same result. 100% | 50% is better than 125% | 25%. A point of potion is worth more than a point of enchant for the values you are likely to use.

    The most likely explanations are:

    • you forgot to equip one or more pieces of smithing gear
    • or you used a lower quality potion.

    Bow damage calculations were patched in 1.5 and 1.6 - perhaps the issue is pre-patch bow vs post-patch bow.

  • Only solution was to revert to a previous auto-save !

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