How do I research more rooms in Pocket Academy?

  • How do I research more rooms in Pocket Academy? Macha

    I have a number of rooms which I know are in the game because they show up in the spot guide. However, they don't show up in the list of rooms I can currently build, and are not available as options in the research menu. I haven't had any new options in the research menu appearing from year 5 to year 8, which I am currently on, other than those which I get from students who just graduated, like the bronze statue and similar. What do I do to unlock more research options?

  • This wiki page shows what I was missing. Certain structures require you to have a certain quantity of specific structures already built, along with size requirements. For example, the baseball field requires 3 basketball fields and 3 tennis courts to be built in your school.

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  • Is there a way to turn off the adviser's recommendations for research plans and city production? I already disabled the Sid's tips and tutorial advice in game settings, but the two 'recommended' technologies or units/buildings still pop up at the top of the research/production list. This at times can be really disturbing, as it frequently attracts me to discover technology I currently don't need or changes the order of units/buildings displayed in city production menu, making some units apparently 'disappear'. Just note I play Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, if that matters. Thank you

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  • My 4 year son loves this game and he wants to play every game with a different car (different color :)) I see the option to change the car color from Garage/Visuals/Paint There I see a ring with different color gradients and inside it a box gradient colors I could adjust the color settings only inside the box, which are limited color combination of what is selected in the ring outside. I am pretty sure I get more color options if i can move the pointer in that ring but don't know how. I keep trying it every weekend to see the settings but I never found. I some times get doubt this can't

  • I am currently making a map where all the mobs have names. While beta-testing, I summoned a magma cube named "Limus" with this command: /summon LavaSlime ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"Limus",Size:0.5} (in the 1.8 snapshot 14w06b) Things seemed to work. Except, when I walked away from the slime I could still see the name tag, even when not looking at it. The same thing happened in 1.7.4 once (but I can't remember specifics) - which means it's not 1.8's fault. I have a map in 1.7 which summons named zombies, and they only show their names when you look at them within a certain distance. What data tag

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  • I'm currently attempting to play Touhou: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. I've figured out that my own Spell Cards are what I use for my bombs, but when I go to Score in the menu, I see that there is an entry for Spell Cards. Clicking on that, there are 64 entries, some of which I've acquired, so I'm assuming this is a collection of some sort. The problem is I don't really know how I collected... that for No. 02, I have 1 out of the 2 "cards" available to collect and for No. 03, I've collected all the cards available to collect. How do I know which I have and which I don't? How do I collect

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