How can I build a melee/kite wizard?

  • How can I build a melee/kite wizard? Adam

    I'm running a 1/2 melee, 1/2 kite wizard build. The build is:


    • Astral Presence
    • Galvanizing Ward
    • Temporal Flux

    Offense spells:

    • Arcane orb (celestial)
    • Hydra (Poison)
    • Blizzard (stark winter)

    Defensive skills:

    • Teleport (fracture)
    • Energy Armor (prismatic)

    Buff skills:

    • Magic Weapon (force weapon)

    I can farm act 2 inferno with this build, but most elites rough me up in act 3 though. Any suggestions on how I can improve my build?

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