Is there any way to skip the mass relay cutscenes?

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  • Is there any way to skip the mass relay cutscenes? BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft

    These cutscenes are significantly louder than the rest of the game, so I have to turn down my speakers every time I go through a mass relay. Is there any way to skip these scenes?

    According to this link it was possible in Mass Effect 1 by editing a configuration file. However, that file doesn't seem to exist for Mass Effect 3.

  • I noticed this too, it was very frustrating when I was pulling an all-nighter to finish the game! I'm sure there are more detailed options on the PC, but on the Xbox 360 version if you go to audio settings and turn off "high dynamic range" (or something similar) these scenes become much quieter. I think this option is on by default. It's geared towards high-end audio systems but it's not much use on tinny built-in monitor speakers like mine. Hope this helps!

  • Sorry you can't skip the Mass Relay cutscenes and i know that because i have tried and i agree the sound is much lounder than in Mass Effect 1 and 2.

  • Unfortunately you cant, Mass effect uses that time to load the next set of graphics. I have mine on an ssd drive which should load that in next to no time, but because its been ported from console they haven't bothered to allow that cut scene to be skipped i guess.

  • It's possible, provided you are happy with skipping all of them. Simply go to your game folder + BIOGame/Movies and then rename or delete GLO_01_Relay.bik to something else. That will mean none of the mass effect relay movies will play at all.

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