Can I somehow check the supply of an ally in a team game?

  • Can I somehow check the supply of an ally in a team game? ayckoster

    Lets say I am in a 2v2 team game. There are two situations in which I want to check an ally's supply.

    • He has left and I have to macro for him. When should I add new Supply Depots (or Pylons or Overlords)?
    • I am nearly maxed and want to push. I want to see how much supply he has, so I can decide if it is beneficial to wait or to push immediately.

    In the second scenario I could ask him, but in the first I have to guess.

    Is there a way to check the supply of an ally during the game?

  • No, on the ladder there is no way to check your allies supply when he leaves. You will hear notifications of being supply blocked, however. Unfortunately this makes it very hard for a player to macro for both players.

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