What's an effective endgame Blade/* DPS build?

  • What's an effective endgame Blade/* DPS build? LessPop_MoreFizz

    So, I find myself in the situation of having a far better Blade than any other weapon available to me. (A QL10.1 purp would tend to be.) Fortunately, thanks to doing my vertical progression using the Slayer deck, and tanking 5 man dungeons for quite a while now, I've purchased every single ability in the Blade section of the Ability wheel. 100%. So I have a lot of options for how to use my shiny new cutlery.

    Where I find myself stymied is trying to figure out how to effectively complement it when I'm not tanking. (Tanking is easy, Chaos, Escalation and Reality Fracture/Karma/Pulling the Strings as appropriate, use proper passives, hooray.)

    Fortunately, I'm at a point in the game where AP is relatively easy to come by, so I can branch out into any tree pretty easily, and already have most of the really great passives, as near as I can tell. I also have 10 skill points in the damage tree on every weapon. So I've got options there too.

    But I just have no idea what to do from all those options? What's an effective Blade/* build for DPS in Elite/NM's (yeah, yeah, I know melee in NM's, can it), as well as for survival DPS soloing elite mobs to farm signets/quest in Transylvania?

    AP is not an issue, nor is weapon skill. That said, double brownie bonus points* for Blade/Pistol, for reasons of both Style and Substance that are specific to my unique special snowflake situation.

    * To be delivered via a bounty, quantity TBD.

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