Is there a summary in Civ5 of all currently active (trade) agreements with all other civs?

  • Is there a summary in Civ5 of all currently active (trade) agreements with all other civs? Martin

    I haven't found out yet whether there exists a (trade) agreement overview.

    That is, is there some list of all active agreements or do I always have to check per other civ in its agreement history?

  • There is only the deal history you already found (Diplomacy -> Diplomacy Overview -> Deal history). The history differentiates between active and older deals, so you only have to check the list of active agreements.

    Lets hope they provide some better overview with a future patch.

  • You can also click "declare war" in the diplomacy screen and the game will present you with a list of current deals and trade arrangements. Just don't click "yes" after that unless you want to.

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