How can I record gameplay on a Mac?

  • How can I record gameplay on a Mac? fredley

    I can find plenty of information on recording programs for Windows, but information for OSX is much harder to find. What programs are available for recording gameplay on a Mac?

  • For windowed games (such as Minecraft), QuickTime does a good enough job, just drag around the gameplay window. It doesn't seem to impact framerate too much, although it doesn't have an overlay like Fraps so it's hard to tell.

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  • I used to record gameplay of Lord of the Rings Online one year ago and everything worked fine. Now I tried to record gameplay again, but only video is captured. The ingame sound is not recorded. Has anyone an idea why the ingame sound is not recorded? I can record sound from other games (Neverwinter e.g.). Fraps Version: 3.5.99 Sound card: ASUS Xonar DGX I tried different settings in the game concerning the sound options and I also tried different recording programs (Bandicam, Camtasia, MSI Afterburner) but the result was the same. I cannot capture the ingame sound of Lord of the Rings

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  • I used to play Ceasar III on my power mac g3 (mac os 9) I have now a pc laptop and I was thinking where I could find it and how I could install it, what operating system I should use, ( I have Ubuntu 10.04 and mac os x 10.6 and win 7.) simply my question is Where can i find it? How can I install it? this might not be met, but I would love to find a mac version ( I have 5 macs).

  • How should I record high-quality video game footage off consoles? I am interested in PC and mobile platform recording too. And Secondarily, how can I edit the footage professionally for YouTube trailers and gameplay videos? P.S. for amateur level recording, please see How can I record demos of my gameplay?. Why: This is primarily for professional trailers and footage from our indie game studio... requirement of a four hard drives Recording in 720p JPEG compression (5:1 file size compression compared to raw) <-- this is as high as I can go in compression and I need at least 720p resolution

  • I try to record some of my games, such as Diablo III, DayZ and Planetside 2, where the gameplay can be pretty intense at times. I often end up having 3-4hr sessions and equal length videos. Lots of standard, uninteresting gameplay, and few intense highlights. I'd love to create 10-15 minute clips of the highlights of these sessions, especially in multiplayer where I play with friends. I almost... the entire video? I am using DXtory and FFsplit as capturing / recording software. Could be a tip or technique, mobile app, keyboard macro or annotator, anything that allows me to easily find interesting

  • In the bookstore before heading to Comstock there is a recording. The recording says that some guy's girl has been taken and locked away in some other guy's hidden closet with "treasures" in the Salty Oyster. Where can I find it?

  • Possible Duplicate: Borderlands Mac OS X version play online with Windows version? I am trying to play a game of Borderlands over LAN with an Ethernet cord. My friend owns a PC and I have a Mac. I connected us up and checked if we'd established a LAN, then I launched Borderlands and clicked on LAN game, but he can't find me. Is there something I can do to fix this?

  • I would like to take screenshots in GTA V on my PS3, but it's not possible from the XMB bar. I looked around on the Internet and I see a lot of people talking about a capture card, but these are for video recording right? Is there any way that I can take screenshots (not videos) from GTA V?

  • I have a bunch of demos recorded in TF2 from before the Hatless update. Any attempt to open the files in TF2 for playback causes it to toss up a few resource loading errors that I'm assuming are the result of changes in the update, and the demo never loads. Really all I want from these files is the voice chat audio, the action on screen wasn't important. Is there any tool available that can extract that information independent from TF2 itself? On a similar note, for files that I can open, is there a way to make TF2 output just the audio track when recording playback using the startmovie

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