How do I tell which faction a pandaren player belongs to?

  • How do I tell which faction a pandaren player belongs to? Resorath

    In Mists of Pandaria, both factions can choose the Pandaren race.

    How can I tell if a Pandaren player is horde or alliance?

  • In PVP, the most intuitive way of knowing wether a Pandaren is part of your faction is by checking their nameplate. If theirs is colored Blue, they are part of your faction.

    Additionally, in MoP the faction information will be included in the tooltip whenever you mouseover on any player.

  • All players, as of Mists of Pandaria, now have their faction included in the tooltip:

    enter image description here

    If you're suitably knowledgeable about armour rewards and looks, you will sometimes be able to tell by the style of armour they are wearing as well.

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