ARMA 2 - freeze every few seconds after long flashpoint session

  • ARMA 2 - freeze every few seconds after long flashpoint session wtjones

    I have been playing flashpoint: Zargabad 1.23 (armaholic) with zeus ai (no ACE) and the game will start to hitch every 10 seconds or so after an extended session (40 kills maybe). Seems to be related to streaming in data but standing in one spot does not clear the issue. If I start a new session it will work fine again for a while.

    DayZ does not have this issue and I didn't notice the problem on an older version of takistan (haven't played it in a while).

    I am launching like this:

    -nosplash [email protected];@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@zeu_AI -maxmem=4096

    I have 8 GB ram i5-2500k with HD 6950.

    Have tried

    • using -maxmem=2047 (was original setting)
    • Checked defrag status of C: drive and in steam cache (not fragmented)
    • Increase the VRAM setting to high from medium.
    • Updated to latest Catalyst
    • Updated to latest CBA
    • Changing affinity to one core. All it did was kill FPS.

    What can I do to track this problem down?

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