What is the best way to get a specific neighbor to move back into a town in Animal Crossing Wild World

  • What is the best way to get a specific neighbor to move back into a town in Animal Crossing Wild World Ecnalyr

    Melba was her favorite character and, by some oversight, she let the character move out of her town a couple of years ago. She has played a number of in-game years doing nothing (she is near 100% completion) but trying to get Melba to move back in.

    She really wants this to happen.

    I have read of methods online that describe possible venues for editing a game save or forcing a move of a character from another town, but the sites describing these methods are very old (~2006) and various links within the articles describing the processes are dead.

    I was wondering if anyone here could suggest the best way to get a specific neighbor (Melba) to move back into a town in Animal Crossing Wild World. I am willing to buy a second DS, second game, any game-save-copying-hardware, or anything else I need to make this happen (would it be better to find someone online who has the character and try to make it move that way? (I'm not very familiar with the wifi abilities of Wild World)). I just need a trusted method for making this happen.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Sadly, there is no sure way of getting any villager back. When a villager moves out, the new villager is chosen at random.

    However, if you have a friend with that villager in their town, then connecting to their town and talking to that villager will increase the likelihood of that particular villager moving in.

    I hope this helps!

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