How do I find Troll Salve?

  • How do I find Troll Salve? clweeks

    I'm playing through the earliest content of a Sylvari ranger and there's this quest from Mender Aviala. It feels like it's a no-brainer; a go-do-this-simple-thing quest but I'm lost and my local peers aren't being helpful. I go to the what was the SE of the map at the time I got the quest and there's this circle of jungle trolls and there are a couple of events (rescuing puppies and killing the troll king) and I've done those each several times while wandering around just killing trolls. The one person in-game who answered my questions said the salve is just lying around but I haven't seen any such thing.

    So, am I in the right place? Is it a drop or some terrain feature or what? What am I doing wrong?


  • I haven't done this quest yet, but you can see this video showing how the quest is done. At about minute 3:10 you can see where the troll salve is found.

    Hope it helps

  • You have to enter the instance for the troll salve. Look for the green icon that looks like a hurricane, and tell it yes you want to continue your story. Once in your instance the troll salve will appear. The trolls attack in groups in the instance so it is a bit harder than the trolls in the regular world map.

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